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Hi there,

I’m Miguel and I’m from the “Botxo”  – the name we locals use when we refer to the city of Bilbao. Bilbao? You know? “The best little city in the whole wide world”??). In addition to which, another part of my family roots come from La Rioja, the region that produces some of the most extraordinary, fine table wines in the world and which is only 90 minutes away by chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle.

On my business trips, I always seem to have run into the same problems:

  • Not being able to enjoy those “secret corners” of the city I’m in, or its authentic gastronomy and people.
  • Losing time looking for temporary offices for meetings, making presentations, holding interviews, etc.
  • Never finding that one special person who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for his/her city that I feel for Bilbao and can transmit this infectious enthusiasm to visitors.

So, I decided I couldn’t possibly allow the same thing to happen to visitors to Bilbao, which is why I founded SECRET BILBAO.

If you’re planning on visiting the city, then I’m just the person you need to resolve all the above-mentioned problems and much more because, if you’d also like me to show you the city, I’d be delighted to do so.

I’d also be delighted to show you nearby cities of San Sebastian, Haro (the “wine capital” of the La Rioja wine-growing region) and La Rioja and tell you about some of our traditions, give you some serious pointers about our world-famous gastronomy and “pintxos” and bring you up-to-date with our wine culture too.

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